Our Curriculum

Clare Family Resource Centre provides a safe, child centred, happy, caring environment using a holistic hands on approach that promotes the development of the child, supported by Aistear Early Childhood Curriculum Framework.





We Support

Children's imaginations & curiosity

Social relationships & friendships (WB)

Confident & competent learners

Children's problem solving skills (ET)

We Do It By

Respecting each child's individual uniqueness

Using an anti-bias approach

Following an emergent play based curriculum in a stimulating indoor & outdoor environment

Providing child and adult led activities & experiences

Encouraging & supporting children to be in control of their own learning

What The Children Learn

Language & communication (C)

Positive attitudes towards self and others

Health & wellbeing

Creativity & awareness of their world around them with positive dispositions for learning (IB)

We as a family service support children through their life and into their future by helping them become the best that they can be through open-ended play and learning in a community where difference is acknowledged and celebrated.

Our Mission Statement

"To support and assist families and children in Clare through the provision of accessible, affordable, high quality childcare in a warm, caring environment."

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